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Ray of Hope aims to make a difference to individuals and/or families, to help them on the path to becoming self-reliant so that they can gradually get back into their usual routine. ROHI helps our recipients raise funds through Simply Giving, an online giving portal. Our Founder and Board of Directors cover the administrative and operating costs of ROHI so that your donation is 100% efficient and goes directly to the recipient.

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  Recipients of assistance from ROHI may be individuals and/or families who have been suddenly disadvantaged, displaced or disabled. ROHI wants to help people in Singapore help their fellow people, so that donors who want to help can get money to the recipients easily.  

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Inspirational Stories

We have successfully raised S$500 for Kumar and he has returned home to India. We are glad that he will be seeing his family. Here are the photos of some pillows Madam Junaidah started sewing in late 2013 before their accident in March 2014. Madam Junaidah finished sewing the pillows before Hari Raya in time for celebrations and receiving guests in the home. ROHI is delighted to have heard from the family and wish them well.
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